Development capacity
ith rich professional knowledge and strict professional quality, the engine oil pump technical research and development center of Pingchai has long been dedicated to research and development engineering, continuously enlarging its scale and improving its strength.
Cooperating with colleges, universities and scientific research institutes, employing experts to carry out trainings and help reinforce its scientific research strength.

Since its establishment till now

30 independent intellectual property rights and patents

10 provincial high-tech products
10 provincial and municipal n

Jointly revising Eleven standards for engine oil pump industry

JB/T8413.1-2010:Technical conditions of intemal combustion engine oil pump
JB/T8413.2-2010:Test methods of intemal combustion engine oil pump
JB/T8413.4-2015:Intenal combustion engines Gears for lubricating oil pumps 
JB/T8413.6-2015:Intenal combustion engines Shaft end of transmission shaft oil                                        pumps Specifications
JB/T8413.7-2015:Product reliability assessment method

R & D