Development capacity
Zhejiang Pingchai Pump Co., LTD. "Pingchai Oil Pump" technology research and development center was established in 2005, in 2008 was rated as provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center.Under the technical department, process design department, development department, tooling group, new product trial-production group, testing center (including under the laboratory, testing room, comprehensive laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, inspection room and other departments) and other departments.
As a professional oil pump r & D center, the construction area is more than 1000 square meters, with the most advanced equipment and testing equipment in China, such as the three coordinate measuring instrument of American Prang company, ExcEC-810T processing center of Singapore Superb company, CNC machine tools and other equipment.With rich professional knowledge and rigorous professional quality, Pingchai oil pump has been engaged in research and development projects for a long time, and has been constantly expanding its scale and strength.Cooperate with major professional colleges and research institutes, and employ organic oil pump experts as perennial technical consultants.The company has built an advanced design platform, equipped with advanced design software, improved the level of research and development, and established and improved the information, database, with a full-time staff to the oil pump industry the latest international and domestic technology trends to track, to ensure the forward-looking technology development.Since its establishment, it has possessed 30 independent intellectual property patents, 20 provincial high-tech products and 13 provincial key new product r&d projects.

Since its establishment till now

30 independent intellectual property rights and patents

10 provincial high-tech products
10 provincial and municipal n

Jointly revising Eleven standards for engine oil pump industry

JB/T8413.1-2010:Technical conditions of intemal combustion engine oil pump
JB/T8413.2-2010:Test methods of intemal combustion engine oil pump
JB/T8413.4-2015:Intenal combustion engines Gears for lubricating oil
       pumps Specifications
JB/T8413.6-2015:Intenal combustion engines Shaft end of transmission shaft oil                                     pumps Specifications
JB/T8413.7-2015:Product reliability assessment method

JB/T11877-2014  Overspeed Test Method for Reciprocating Internal Combustion

JB/T7293.5-2015   Part 5: Technical Conditions for Cylinder Head Bolts
JB/T7293.6-2015   Part 6: Technical Conditions for Flywheel Bolts
JB/T7293.7-2015  Part 7: Technical Conditions for Cylinder head nuts and Flywheel

GB/T6809.2-2013  Part 2: Valves - Camshaft transmissions and Drive mechanisms;
       English version
GB/T6809.2-2013   Terms for Parts and systems -- Part 3: Major moving parts

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